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The Jnanabharathi School Of Basic Education
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17 years of experience in education sector. One and only school in Karnataka which has been teaching for students who are weak in studies, slow learners and low grasping students, failed students, education discontinued students and others. Education plays an important role in our life in this modern life every child should get the proper education as per government and our religious rules also. But the present system has too many disadvantages. The Education statistical report says that out of 100% students, 18-20% students have no knowledge to identify the alphabet and 25-30% students are very slow in studies or low grasping students group and 5-8% students are very intelligent in each class at the primary level. We started this concept in the year 1999 & taught to illiterate & school dropouts’ boys, girls, men and women for 5 years as an experimental program and succeed this concept. Afterwards we have decided to start and implement this concept with the strongest desire to teach our precious children and shine them in society, because NO ONE CHILD IS WEAK BY BIRTH. Institute has been specially teaching for above indicated students with 100% care with guaranteed result as the package duration which will be confirmed by the entrance test. This institute has a unique educational system, aimed at making learning interesting by making it more practical oriented. In addition the focus at JSS will be on inculcation of life skills such as public speaking, seminar presentations, personal grooming etc with an emphasis on the application of the knowledge to life needs of everyday. Number of students from this institute have been studied and now they are learning MBA, M.Com, MCA, MA, B.E, BBA, BT, B.A, B.Com, BCA, Diplomas & in other different branches. So this institute has been introduced this concept for the first time in all over Karnataka and wants build the best for the future of our children. Because in our modern society all schools, colleges are giving more importance to the admissions only for intelligent students no one is school is ready to teach and improve the weak students and you are well known about this system .when i have started this concept, thousands of people from all over Karnataka state, Maharashtra state, Goa state, they have appreciated, blessed & wished for this concept of our institute and my noble service. Only our motto is to build the best career of our future citizen and dedicated this noble service to my nation.

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